Many businesses that we meet know they need to get on and do some marketing, yet have no idea where to start.  Provided you have a business plan and ambitions for growth, we only need only a few hours of your time to establish the answers to some key questions.  We can then go away and put together a bespoke marketing plan tailored to your aims for the coming year.


What will the marketing plan cover?


As each marketing plan we write is different from the next there is no absolute 'template' we use, but some of the topics covered will include your:

  • marketing objectives
  • USP
  • brand identity
  • competitive review
  • SWOT analysis
  • target audience
  • empathy map
  • pricing & positioning
  • distribution channels
  • social media strategy
  • marketing materials
  • referral & reviews
  • partnerships
  • PR, awards & sponsorship
  • key performance indicators/measurement
  • budget
  • implementation plan


If this sounds like something you need to have in your armoury moving forward, then please get in touch.  I've found lots of my clients have done limited amounts of marketing in the past, but have reached a point where they need to make fast growth a reality.  Having an experienced marketer put a strategy in place has been the first step to making this happen.

Don't delay tackling your marketing problems any longer


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